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Get the most value out of your machine data

We provide the tools to be prepared for the challenges in digitalization of track maintenance machines. Introducing the MCO-Platform is the first step towards an integrated solution consisting of Hardware, Software and Services. This leads to a comprehensive information flow from the machine to the end user and allows us to react fast on changing information and market requirements in track maintenance. 

The vision is to have a perfectly harmonized and interconnected information system that creates the most value out of machine data for the customer.

MCO-Platform: Hardware - Software - Services

At the very beginning of the process the machine sends data. Our optimized solution is the MachineDataConnector(MDC) Hardware IoT-Device mounted on the machine.

It collects the machine data and sends it regularly to the cloud via a mobile data connection. The MDC is fully integrated in the MCO-System and allows the seamless processing of machine data. 

The MachineConditionObserver(MCO) makes all data sources easily accessible on one central web-platform.

The system is tailored to the needs and wishes of fleet managers and closes the information gap between machines and operating staff.

Staff on all levels of the company hierarchy benefit from the system, from track workers to fleet managers, maintenance managers and executives.

The MachineMaintenanceGuide(MMG), the digital service book as a Mobile App, completes the fully comprehensive information flow from the maintenance perspective of the machine.

It guides the person in charge of machine through the servicing tasks and allows a transparent servicing process and full documentation.

Once the data is recorded the optimized digital work flow makes it is available for detailed evaluations and analyses or as reports in the MCO.
Complementary to Hardware and Software, we have recently released the Raw Data API Service. This service provides the raw machine data in defined data packages to integrate into the operating company’s workflow and for advanced analysis purposes. 

MCO-Platform is constantly updated and gets a new release every 2 weeks.
Be curious in using the applications to find out about the latest improvements and features.

Feature Spotlight on MDC

    • Low Power Mode: get relevant data of your machine, even if it is turned off. 
    • Fully integrated information flow with MCO
    • First batch of MDC delivered and installed on new P&T-Machines

    MCO Usability Improvements

    • Signals are available in machine language. Besides the current MCO-standard languages (English, German and Japanese) the MCO delivers machine-signals in any language implemented on the machine. This is especially relevant for users in language regions that are not supported by MCO standard translations.
    • Search drop-down helps to find user information faster
    • Lists can be displayed in an individually preferred order through sorting and searching
    • Loading speed improvements supports a faster workflow in displaying huge amounts of processed data

    MMG goes full mobile

    • The MMG-App is now available on all mobile platforms - iOS AppStore and Android Playstore

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